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100 Icons

An icon challenge community

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100x100 icons of celebrities, tv shows, movies and music.
Welcome to 100icons! This is an icon challenge community for movies, TV, celebrities and more.

The challenge is to create 100 icons based on the topic of your choice, using the 100 themes given below. Your topic could be as broad as ‘ABC television’ (creating icons for any show on ABC – though this is highly discouraged), an entire television show (creating icons from any season of a chosen show), or even as narrow as a single episode of a chosen show (though this would be quite a challenge to fill 100 icons from one single episode – but if you think you can do it, I’d like to see you try).

You have 100 days to complete 100 icons. If you take this challenge and complete it, you’ll be added to the Hall of Fame.

7 Steps to joining the challenge:

1. You must submit your claim and be approved before starting to post. Your 100 days will begin the day of approval, not the day of your submission.

2. You are expected to post any completed work along the way (preferably in groups of 10+). If you have not submitted a single icon by the end of your first 30 days, your topic will be revoked and open to potential challengers. Please notify me if you need to drop the challenge - but all challenges must be dropped no later than 70 days into your challenge or you're added to the Hall of Shame.

3. Obvious pimping of your journal or community is not allowed. If you wanna mention it when posting your submitted work, by all means. But it shouldn’t be the only reason you’re posting.

4. Use an LJ-cut if you’re posting more than 3 icons at once.

5. When posting your submissions, use the following format:

Challenge topic:
Due date:
Icons in this post:
Icons completed in total:

It is recommended that when posting updates, you bold the new entries so commenters know what's new.

6. When you complete your challenge, you should post the 100 on THIS COMMUNITY. You can still direct people to your own journal's entry (for viewing and comments), but your 100 completed will not be added to memories or linked to without being post here also. I suggest you lj-cut the 100 icons on this community and add a large/bold fake-cut back to your own site.

7. Tell your friends.


These themes can be used as text or actual image, however you feel like interpreting the word. You can also change the tense of these words, like ‘remember’ to ‘remembered’ or ‘beauty’ into ‘beautiful’. As long as it’s a form of the word.

If you have any questions about these themes or need some suggestions on how to incorporate them into icons, don’t hesitate to ask.

You can find the code for this table to add to your journal here.

001.smile 002.laugh 003.sweet 004.flirt 005.kiss
006.sexy 007.lust 008.tease 009.love 010.embrace
011.shy 012.sassy 013.fun 014.crazy 015.silly
016.happy 017.sad 018.fear 019.pain 020.jealous
021.good 022.evil 023.promise 024.secret 025.memories
026.truth 027.lie 028.heal 029.breathe 030.hope
031.sleep 032.dream 033.wake 034.peace 035.fight
036.fate 037.alone 038.confused 039.dangerous 040.mystery
041.name 042.family 043.baby 044.young 045.nerdy
046.dirty 047.hands 048.feet 049.heart 050.broken
051.lost 052.found 053.win 054.lose 055.prize
056.sun 057.rain 058.beach 059.mountains 060.city
061.home 062.work 063.play 064.fire 065.ice
066.cold 067.hot 068.star 069.light 070.dark
071.angry 072.stress 073.distort 074.forgot 075.remember
076.eyes 077.time 078.music 079.dance 080.pretty
081.spring 082.summer 083.fall 084.winter 085.animal
086.beauty 087.trust 088.forgive 089.omg 090.wtf
091.red 092.blue 093.green 094.hello 095.goodbye
096.Artist‘s Choice. 097.Artist‘s Choice. 098.Artist‘s Choice. 099.Artist‘s Choice. 100.Artist‘s Choice.

How can it be called a FAQ if people haven’t asked these questions yet? I think it should be called a PAQ

Potentially Asked Questions:

Can I submit work already completed?
Sure, but if more than a quarter of your challenge comes from completed work, what kinda challenge is that?

Can I use my work for other challenges?
Umm, okay.

Do I have to create the icons in order?
Nope, not at all. Go in any order you please.

Can I share the challenge with someone else?
No, no, no. Otherwise this would be called 50icons.

What if I just don’t tell you?
I’ll find out and we’ll all boo at you.

What do I do when I'm finished?
Post all 100 icons in THIS COMMUNITY (as well as your own journal if you please). This is the only way your completed icons will be added to memories for future people to see (instead of your posted thread getting lost in the shuffle). You can still fake cut to your journal so that commenters can post there, but your actual 100 should be on this site too. Then tell us about it here so we can celebrate.

What happens if I can't complete my challenge?
You are added to the HALL OF SHAME.

Can I drop my challenge before my due date?
Challenges can be dropped no later than 70 days into your challenge. If you try to drop your challenge on day 71 or later, you'll simply be added to the HALL OF SHAME once your 100 days are up.

Can I get an extension on my challenge?
This isn't 105icons.

That means no, you can't.

You haven’t been helpful at all. Now what?
Go to the Help Me! thread.